Villa Ticca Foundation


In the poorer aereas of Quito, many adolescent pregnancies occur. Most of the young moms don’t have a place to turn to for support and they are often incapable of taking good care of their children because of poverty, lack of education and lack of time. If they want to finish highschool, they often have no choice but to leave their children at home or on the streets. If they find a job, they take the kids with them and make them sit still and quietly. Growing up like that must be very hard for a child.

“Villa Ticca offers a safe place to underprivileged children in Quito.”

For this reason, Villa Ticca offers the moms the possibility to take their children to daycare. At Villa Ticca they get the chance to develop like every child deserves to: playing and making friends. The children are professionally taken care of by qualified staff and they get two healthy meals every day. They are checked medically on a regular basis. Villa Ticca is a safe place for them. It allows them to grow up as happy, self-confident kids with empathy, intelligence and a sense of humor.

The children are sorted by age in three groups and there is a fourth group for children who grew up in Villa Ticca but are now old enough to go to school. Many of them still attend Villa Ticca (now being adolescent!) where they have their own space, and get a good lunch and assistance with their homework.



When entering Villa Ticca for the first time, many children turn out to be underfed. Many families don’t have enough money to buy healthy food. This is why we we offer the children good meals with lots of vitamins and minerals. But just this isn’t enough; intestinal parasites are a common problem in poor countries and this condition results in malnutricion and swollen bellies. Many children deal with this. The parasites consume all the nutrients, which is why a good meal isn’t enough to improve one’s condition while it has not been treated with medication. Intestinal parasites cause reduced resistance, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, difficulty at breathing, headache, fatigue and slow physical development. We offer treatment to children suffering from parasites and after this they can enjoy healthy food and a healthy body. We notice the progress in a child’s development every day!

Villa Ticca was founded in 2003 by Mariska Versteegh and Evelien Kremer. The daycare is located in El Camal, which is a neighbourhood in the (poor) south of Quito.

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