equator line

Mitad del Mundo – Equator Museum

Although the equator runs through hundreds of places, Ecuador takes particular pride in its unique geographical location. Both the country’s and its capital city are named after the equatorial line. Less than an hour away from Quito, the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemispheres meet at Mitad del Mundo (“Middle of the World”). In this half day tour you will visit this interesting place and learn why it has been an important site for many cultures.

Mitad del Mundo – Equator Monument

The Middle of the World Monument (Ciudad Mitad del Mundo) commemorates the site where 18th-century French explorer Charles Marie de la Condamine once calculated the globe's equatorial line to be. It is located 26 km north of Quito. Make a day trip from Quito to this tourist mecca to snap a share-worthy photo straddling the equator line where the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemispheres meet.