Bellavista Cloud Forest

The Bellavista Reserve is located in the at the southern edge of the Chocó region, an extended area, reaching from Panamá to Peru, famous for its great biodiversity and endemicity within, probably due to the Andes isolating flora & fauna. Discover botanical treasures such as bromeliads and orchids, that are in bloom year round and enjoy the presence of over 330 recorded species of birds in this area. Bellavista’s cloud forest will amaze you.

Cotopaxi National Park

The Cotopaxi volcano, an almost perfect ice cone that emerges 5897 meters of altitude is something unique in the planet and one of Ecuador’s iconic attractions. The Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in Ecuador and the second tallest mountain in the country. It’s last eruption took place in August, 2015. The paramo that surrounds the area is habited by rabbits, skunks, deer and Andean weasels known as chucuris, sparrowhawks, black-chested buzzard-eagles, condors, Andean foxes and paramo wolves amongst others. This day combines an active hike and mountain bike ride with spectacular views inside the Cotopaxi National Park.