Tren Crucero (4 days)

Experience the wonders of Ecuador on board Tren Crucero, recognized as the Leading Luxury Train in South America in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Modern, electric-diesel, and lovingly restored, antique steam locomotives pull a high quality convoy of two luxury, Colonial and Republican-style themed passenger cars carrying just fifty passengers, to ensure personalized service for all.

Devil’s Nose Train Ride

The biggest complication faced by the construction of the Trans-Andean railroad was the Devil’s Nose, a mountain with almost perpendicular walls. To overcome this obstacle a zigzag railroad was built that climbs more than 500 meters in less than 12 km with steep ascents and descents. It today remains an impressive piece of engineering. While recovering from the mind-blowing descent you will enjoy the views of the narrow gorge of river Chanchán and will have the chance to learn a bit about the traditions and worldview of the Puruhuas in Sibambe.

Community Tour Guamote

The canton of Guamote is the most traditional region in Ecuador, as 95% of the population is Indigenous (while in the whole of Ecuador it is only 25%). Guamote itself has about 5000 inhabitants, but in the mountains surrounding Guamote another 40.000 people live in small communities. On this trip you will visit some of these little villages and you will be shown some of the community development projects that we support in the mountains.

Cuenca City Tour

Enjoy a city tour of Cuenca and its diverse culture on a guided 4 hour walking tour of the city including neighborhoods, markets, churches, the Modern Art museum and Panama Hat museum. Cuenca is considered one of the most picturesque cities in South America. Partially due to its 16th and 17th century era Spanish colonial architecture resembling cities and architecture throughout Spain, the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ozogoche Lake Tour

At roughly 55 km of Guamote, taking winding roads through amazing paramo landscape, you find the authentic Indigenous community of Ozogoche. The community is surrounded by a cluster of 45 beautiful lakes. During the trip you will get an impression of the daily life of the people in the mountains. At 3400m asl. You will get astonishing views of a unique part of Ecuador that is still a piece of pristine untouched nature. This is the place where you can see big herds of lamas and alpacas and look over multiple mountains in a glance!