Ecuador grabs traverlers’ attentions with its diverse nature. The country includes three different natural regions: The Costa (Coast), Sierra (Mountains) and Oriente (East) – and one insular region, the The Galápagos Islands. Harmony of three different landscapes fascinates travelers to make them to stay longer. Every region has different attractive points to draw attentions and it is better to know before starting the trip to Ecuador!

1. The Coast / Galapagos

The western coastal area of Ecuador borders the Pacific Ocean and encompasses a broad coastal plain. It is estimated that 98% of the native forest of coastal Ecuador has been eliminated in favour of cattle ranching and other agricultural production, including bananacacao and coffee plantations. A lot of travelers go for holidays to enjoy the sun and relaxed atmosphere.  Moreover, Galapagos Islands itself have the greatest nature with various types of wild animals and beautiful scenery.

Famous cities to visit are: Guayaquil, Puerto Lopez, Montañita and BahiaEciadorian Galapagos - Island

2. The Andes

The central part of Ecuador where is the part of the Andes Mountains has volcanoes and mountain peaks. High mountain peaks go through the equator, the altitude of cities is high. This is one of reasons why there is no big difference in temperature all around the year. Quito, the capital of Ecuador is located here.

Famous cities to visit are: Quito, Mindo, Cuenca

Ecuadorian Andean - Quito

3. The Amazon

The eastern part of Ecuador, the Oriente, includes the jungle. A huge part of this area is ‘la selva’ which means the tropical moist broadleaf forest. The east slopes of the Andes Mountains head to the Amazon Basin. Travelers can experience steep and rugged streams and the lowland rainforest.

Famous areas to visit are: Cuyabeno, Yasuní

Ecuadorin Amazon - Cuyabeno Yasuní

Ecuador is also called ‘a miniature of South America’ due to its nature variety. If you are not ready to travel the whole continent, just try out Ecuador first where you can experience everything in one country! 🙂

Written by: Jin