Dive cruises

Cruise the Galapagos Islands with our Liveaboard Diving vessels! Did you know that the underwater wildlife is as diverse, if not even more diverse, than the fauna on the islands itself?

Danubio Azul

The Danubio Azul is a Tourist Class Diving yacht that was launched in August 2016. The vessel is authorized by the Galapagos National Park for both Naturalist and Diving Cruises. Get aboard for an exceptional, safe and unique experience in one of the most amazing diving places in the world.

Pinguïno Explorer

The Pinguïno Explorer offers two types of itineraries: 8 days as full diving–live aboard getting to visit the most renowned islands for diving (Darwin and Wolf) and 8 days as a naturalist cruise (cruise tourism)

Lonesome George

The Lonesome George is a characteristic catamaran that accommodates 16 people. Optional diving excursions are offered aboard which makes it possible for travel parties of divers and non-divers to cruise the Galapagos islands together.