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Dia de los Difuntos

For many of us, the departing of a loved one is a sad time in which we mourn them in silence, while dressed in somber colours. In Latin Amer... Read more...
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Exploring the Amazon rainforest in Cuyabeno

A couple of weeks ago it was finally time for me to explore the Amazon on a 4 day excursion to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and it exceeded all my expectations. I´ve already experienced so many amazing things in Ecuador but it is safe to say that this visit to the jungle was one of the most memorable.

3 Reasons That Make Galapagos A Dream Destination

Galapagos is without a doubt the most popular travel destination in Ecuador. There are even travelers that only come to Ecuador to see the Enchanted Islands. Why is it that countless people from all over the world have the dream to visit Galapagos? As I traveled to the Galapagos recently, I can give you 3 reasons...

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