While living, traveling and working in tourism Ecuador for the last years, we’ve come to know the country like no other. We’ve gotten a great insight in the most beautiful places to visit as well as the most authentic experiences in Ecuador.

As a company our main focus is to offer high quality services. A great experience stands or falls with likewise service. We carefully design our tours and programs based on years of experience and like to go that little extra mile for each and every of our passengers to make you happy.

We are simply passionate about Ecuador and there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others create their own unforgettable experiences in this country. The best thing about Ecuador is that is has so incredibly much to offer. Even after years of living here, the country keeps surprising us with countless beautiful places to discover. Besides, the cultural friendliness and hospitality is unique. Ecuadorians make it easy to feel at home while being so far away.

Our tour company is certified by Quito’s town hall and Quito Turismo, the local department of the Ministry of Tourism.

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After finishing my Facility Management degree in The Netherlands, I first came to Ecuador in 2005. A couple of years ago I came back for good. I have worked in tourism since, on the road or in the office. I love Ecuador’s ever changing climate and landscapes while traveling through it. No place is the same, volcanoes, cloud forest, rainforest, beaches, Galapagos… Too many favorites and my list keeps on growing. Therefore I use quite a lot of my spare time to travel the different regions of the country to enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.



During an incredible trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon I decided to stay for longer in this beautiful country. Just having finished my degree in Social Work in The Netherlands in 2013, I soon started working in Tourism in Ecuador and have never left since. I love to spend the weekends at Canoa beach where they have the best seafood dishes of the country, but with a year round temperature about 20° Celsius in Quito I have nothing to complain. O weekends I usually go out by bike and like to dance salsa, trying to blend in with very talented locals.