With the beautiful Pacific Ocean caressing the shore, the beaches of Ecuador live the eternal love between the sand and the sea. Visit them is something you must do when traveling through the country.

Whether you look for adventure or to relax, the best beaches in Ecuador are waiting for you to put your feet on the sand and to bathe in the warm waters. Therefore we will recommend beach resorts that will surely make you fall in love and to always come back again.

1. Engabao, Guayas

It’s one of the favorite destination for surfers, because its waves are full of energy. However it is also a destination to relax, because it is in a small town. Nearby is Puerto Villamil, a small oceanfront city, which has many dining options.

Engabao - Guayas

2. Salinas, Santa Elena

It is the quintessential beach town. Full of buildings facing the Pacific, modernity and simplicity of nature converge to give us one of Ecuador’s most visited beaches.

Salinas - Santa Elena

3. Montañita, Santa Elena

By day Montañita is a peaceful place, but full of life. Many surfers choose this city to practice the sport. However, at night the streets light up with music and fun.
The best of all is that at day or night, Montañita offers the best national and international cuisine, either in street food concept or in restaurants.

Montañita - Santa Elena

4. Playa Rosada y Ayangue, Santa Elena

These are two beaches that are almost hidden, but worth visiting. They are very close to one another, but you must go by car to visit them. Playa Rosada has no inhabitants, making it ideal for an evening of romance between you and the sea. While Ayangue is tourist town, with a varied range of local cuisine.

Playa Rosada y Ayangue - Santa Elena

5. Puerto López y Los Frailes, Manabí

Puerto López is a town that has the perfect blend of relaxation and fun. It’s beachfront cabins will make you feel you are in paradise. You can take tours to the island of La Plata and also admire the mating of the humpback whales (during the season); a ritual of great love. In addition, near Puerto López is the beach of Los Frailes, within the Machalilla National Park. On this beach of calm waters and white sand, you can also explore forests and trails.

Puerto López y Los Frailes - Manabí

6. Ayampe, Manabí

Ayampe is free-spirited, but cozy. Perhaps the most prominent attraction of this Ecuadorian beach is its people, always willing to share. It has the fellowship of small towns, where surfers can enjoy the waves at ease.

Ayampe - Manabí

7. Atacames, Esmeraldas

It is one of the most popular beaches in Ecuador. You’ll find a wide range of bars, juice stands, ice cream parlors, cevicherías and more. The postcard that makes Atacames unique is to see in its background the rock that adorns its horizon, like a mole on a mouth. It’s the Pájaros de Súa Island, the nearby beach.

Atacames - Esmeraldas

8. Mompiche, Esmeraldas

Mompiche gives you a little bit of everything: parties and relaxation… You’ll have to go through a road adorned by forest trees to get to Mompiche. This small town has great things to offer. The sea gives you excellent waves for surfing and its extensive 7km beach for long walks.

Mompiche - Esmeraldas

9. Tortuga Bay, Galápagos

It’s on the Santa Cruz island. It’s a beach of white sand and turquoise waters, posing quietly in a cove. Tortuga Bay is ideal to rest and to appreciate nature. You will not need an umbrella, because the mangroves around the beach will protect you from the sun. Take a kayak to go to the sea and watch sea turtles, sharks and more.

Tortuga Bay - Galápagos

10. La Playita, Galápagos

On the trail to the Muro de las Lágrimas (Wall of Tears), on Isabela Island, is La Playita. A bunch of marine iguanas are the ones who welcome you to this beach. The beach is small, that’s why the diminutive of its name, but her beauty is much greater.

La Playita - Galápagos

The best beaches in Ecuador are waiting for you!

Source: MINTUR