How does it work?

About a month before departure, most Galapagos vessels start offering great discounts on their cruises that are not sold out yet. Especially if you are flexible in your travel time, a last minute cruise could be an attractive option for you!

Fragata 5D/4N from 20/07 to 24/07 for $1894 p.p.

Nemo I 4D/3N from 20/07 to 30/07 for $1692 p.p.

Golondrina 5D/4N from 20/07 to 24/07 for $1340 p.p.

Galaxy 4D/3N from 21/07 to 24/07 for $1720 p.p. (INCLUDING FLIGHTS)

Estrella del Mar 5D/4N from 23/07 to 27/07 for $1150 p.p.

Galaven 8D/7N from 24/07 to 31/07 for $2045 p.p.

Galaven 4D/3N from 24/07 to 27/07 for $1046 p.p.

San Jose 8D/7N from 24/07 to 31/07 for $2994 p.p.

Estrella del Mar 4D/3N from 27/07 to 30/07 for $900 p.p.

Galaven 5D/4N from 27/07 to 31/07 for $1427 p.p.

Fragata 8D/7N from 27/07 to 03/08 for $2925 p.p.

Aida Maria 8D/7N from 29/07 to 05/08 for $1950 p.p.

Aida Maria 5D/4N from 29/07 to 02/08 for $1600 p.p.

Galapagos Island Hopping Programs (daily departures)

5D/4N Island Hopping

6D/5N Island Hopping

8D/7N Island Hopping

Note: Availability of Galapagos last minute cruises changes constantly. Even though this page is being updated regularly, please contact us for the latest availability.


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Interested in one of these last minute cruises? Or are you looking for a last minute cruise between different dates? Let us know and we will let you know your options.